Office - Mix-Use - Commercial

Kule Evo will be built on the Eskişehir road and it is designed as a social life space that contains housing, business, commerce, food, sports etc. The units that are designed in the horizontal block are located on two separate levels. The passage space that connects these levels also provides access to rooftop. The base mass generates spaces of various volumes. There are eight small apartments on each floor of the housing block and these apartments can be used as home-offices. The rooftop that contains recreational facilities, mainly sports functions, is thought as a special space.


Client: Mutlu Cons. & Tokur Cons.
Project Date: 2011
Gross Area: 44 000 m2
Structural Engineer: MN Engineering
Mechanical Engineer: Yapites Engineering
Electrical Engineer: Denge Engineering
Location: Konutkent, Ankara