The way we work with

A Tasarım Mimarlık incorporates a highly experienced, young and dynamic team. The projects, directed by the founder Ali Osman Öztürk, are led by four groups. The works are realized by these groups which are composed of a coordinator, an assistant-coordinator, architects, an interior designer and a technical draftsman according to the work distribution of Ali Osman Öztürk. 

There is also another group organization concerning about documentation & project archives, library, material archive, publication, hardware & software work and social activities. In addition to ongoing architectural projects, these voluntarily organized working groups participated in different kind of tasks. 

In A Tasarım Offices, whose working environment is created by an approach supporting the continuity of design groups, the productive environment is provided together with client, engineering groups, landscape design team, consultants and construction team.

A Tasarım working on projects of different scale and different type, protects the studio structure within its institutionalized characteristic. 

A Tasarım provides open dialogue and a transparent work environment. The regular meetings that the members of the office discuss the ongoing projects, share their creative ideas & novel solutions and talk about the competitions, architectural & cultural agenda are realized. 

Technical visits to foreign countries which are organized annually help to develop the architectural vision and knowledge level of office members. These workshops also strengthen the synergy and communication among the participants that is beneficial for teamwork.