TOBB University of Economics and Technology Sport Complex

Education / Research


The sports complex that is a part of the second stage buildings of TOBB UET Söğütözü campus and it had been previously used as the sports facilities of a secondary educational institution. The buildings have not been demolished but reused and a new sports center has been created for the sports activities of the university according to international standards. The space frame system of the old building has been preserved while all of the materials are renewed. This renovation allows the multi-purpose sports center to be used from outside the university as well. The sports complex contains an olympic swimming pool, basketball and voleyball courts, a sauna, a spa and gymnastics and aerobics rooms.



Client: TOBB University of Economics and Technology
Project Date: 2008
Gross Area:
Structural Engineer: Yüksek Project
Mechanical Engineer: Okutan Egineering
Electrical Engineer: Akay Engineering
Landscape: On Tasarım
Location: Söğütözü, Ankara