TOBB UET Foreign Languages School

Education / Research

The School of Foreign Languages is built in the extension area of TOBB ETÜ Söğütözü campus. The building adjacent to the planned pedestrian alley is designed with a reserve area for further extensions. The enlargement of the building according to future requirements is planned to be organized around a courtyard. 

A modular building system is developed to allow a rapid construction process. Classrooms and academicians’ offices are located on different wings. Communal social spaces are designed indoors. There are terraces reaching towards the extension area. Color and material choice made in the first buildings of the campus are carried out in this building, as well.


Client: TOBB ETÜ 
Project Date: 2008
Gross Area: 9000 m2
Structural Engineer: Yüksek Proje
Mechanical Engineer: Okutan Engineering
Electrical Engineer: Akay Engineering
Landscape: On Tasarım
Consultant: Türsum Construction
Location: Söğütözü, Ankara