The project site is adjacent to Narcity settlement in Maltepe, with a view towards Prince Islands on a valley opening towards the sea. Apartments which are sea-oriented are located to the southwest and southeast directions in this high density settlement. The apartments are gathered around a common courtyard which acts as a continuation of the valley. The social facilities are designed in different levels. The low-rise blocks also include duplex apartments with private gardens.

Keeping in mind the maximum height limitations, a few alternatives are developed for the horizontal block designs. The linear blocks, which also include garden duplexes, are view-oriented. Different variations of a wave design are used on the façades. The settlement entrance is from the lowest level of the main access route. The open playgrounds are scattered in the park. It was possible to create different entrances for apartments and indoor parking lot from different levels since the topography was inclined.


Client: Tepe İnşaat
Project Date:2010
Gross Area:123 000 m2
Structural Engineer: Yüksek Project
Mechanical Engineer: Metta Engineering
Electrical Engineer: Akay Engineering
Landscape: Dalokay Design Studio
Location: Maltepe, İstanbul