Ziraat Bank Kadıköy Branch

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Ziraat Bank Kadıköy Branch

Ziraat Bank Kadıköy Branch is located at a corner plot in a row-house order just behind the Kadıköy Ferry Terminal with a view towards historical peninsula and Kadıköy waterfront. The ground level is reserved for branch activities; the upper floors are for other office spaces. “Transparency” is preferred instead of opaque surfaces which are accustomed to be a part of bank buildings typology. The intention was to design a building which integrates the urban texture in Kadıköy skyline with its façade design. The structural system, which is the main skeleton of the building leading the architectural design, is a continuity of the arcade system seen in Rıhtım Street and refers to the conventional typology.

Office spaces have wide perspectives towards Kadıköy Ferry Terminal, Historical Peninsula, and Haydarpaşa Main Railway Station for the office workers to take advantage of the beautiful view. The project, which started in May 2004, aimed to provide contemporary office needs and bring together the scattered departments of the bank. The glass colors and transparency levels of the façade were determined according to the directions and the structural system that continues along the entire façade is cladded with white opaque glass.



Client: Ziraat Bank General Directorate 
Project Date: 2004 
Gross Area: 4000 m2
Structural Engineer: Yüksek Project 
Mechanical Engineer: Okutan Engineering 
Electrical Engineer: Akay Engineering 
Location: Kadıköy, İstanbul