Mix-Use - Office

Which is the first project with a direct connection to metro line in İstanbul

Metroport, which is the first project with a direct connection to metro line in İstanbul, is a unique building-station design. The building complex situated in Bahçelievler E-5 Highway is in the close vicinity of dense neighborhoods such as Bakırköy and Şirinevler. With a multi-use building program, three different blocks are designed to accommodate a shopping mall, residences and a hospital. In the design phase, the program evolved into three blocks for offices, a hotel and a hospital.

It was aimed to have a dynamic building perception from different viewpoints by using a dominant arc form. In the current situation, one of the high blocks is used as a residence tower while the other is used as a hospital. Shopping mall is located in between two blocks as a different function type. Different details which are particularly designed for this building are developed in the construction period. Brick dimensions on the façades, horizontal and vertical aluminum elements are specially designed.


Client: Mutlu Evren Construction
Project Date: 2001-2008
Gross Area: 100 000 m2
Structural Engineer: Yüksek Project
Mechanical Engineer: Çilingiroğlu Engineering
Electrical Engineer: Elsan Electricity
Location: Bahçelievler, İstanbul