MESA Plaza


As the oldest shopping mall on Eskişehir Boulevard, Mesa Plaza, acted as an important social center for long years since such a center was missing in the first years of its construction. It was a preferred spot for the first residential areas along the western axis of Ankara. The growing number of residential areas also formed new patterns in the neighborhood. The renovation project of the existing mall included a reorganization of the lower level market block in regard to the needs of the new residences in the close vicinity.

A new plan scheme is designed which preserves the outdoor-oriented units of the existing market. The circulation and the relationships of different levels are reorganized and alternative solutions are developed for main halls. Market space is reduced in the hierarchical order of the market units. The movie theaters are removed and each level is connected with the indoor parking lot.

The existing structural system is preserved while making amendments on the façades.



Client: MESA Housing Industries Inc.
Project Date: 2004
Gross Area:19 800 m2
Structural Engineer: Mesa Housing Industries Inc -Yüksek Project
Mechanical Engineer: Mesa Mechanical Group - Beşeli Engineering
Electrical Engineer: Mesa Electrical Group
Location: Çayyolu, Ankara