Gokyuzu Residence


The living spaces open up to this designed interior courtyard. 

Gökyüzü Residence, is situated in Kemerburgaz, which witnessed a dense urbanization process since 1980s as one of the favorite residential areas of İstanbul.
The interior courtyard and the exterior space qualities are important factors for the decision of row house design. The row houses along with the elliptical condominium block form an interior courtyard. The living spaces open up to this designed interior courtyard.

Seven blocks include 88 houses in total. There are privately used terrace spaces for ground floor apartments by the means of convenient topography.
Social center at the entrance consists of recreational and entertainment facilities like a multi-functional hall, a fitness room, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a Turkish bath and a sauna. An observatory is designed on the roof of the elliptical block.



Client: Keleşoğlu Construction Tourism
Project Date: 2006
Gross Area: 23 000 m2
Structural Engineer: Osman Tatlısu
Mechanical Engineer: Mehmet Demiroğlu
Electrical Engineer: Recai Bulan
Location: Göktürk, İstanbul