Arma Hotel


Arma Hotel

Arma Hotel is a linear block parallel to the shore with its 220-meter-long private beach. The rooms have either sea view from the front or mountain view from the rear side.

There is also an outdoor swimming pool on the coast along with a private beach. The form of the roof enables to design penthouses. Restaurant on the ground floor is used with a terrace. Indoor swing pool, spa and gym are also located in this part of the hotel block.

There are villas along with the linear hotel block that are managed together. These houses have a similar design attitude with the hotel block. Natural stone and white plaster are the main building materials, along with the green copper roof.



Client: Besa İnşaat 
Project Date: 2002
Gross Area: 12 000 m2
Structural Engineer: Yüksek Project 
Mechanical Engineer: Setes Engineering
Electrical Engineer: Akay Engineering
Design Consultants: Salih Bezci, Vecihi Yıldız
Location: Antalya